Welcome Message

The purpose of the establishment of HKGCSE is to “unify social enterprises to expand business opportunities and create a new corporate culture.” In the past decade, we have been developing in this direction to promote and unite Hong Kong’s social enterprises. In order to further implement our philosophy, in addition to the support of government policies, the support of business, academia, social enterprise and the public is equally important.

Recalling that a few years ago, I brought with more than 20 young people to visit Sri Lanka after the disaster. After walking through small towns and villages, I saw countless women earn a living by different means. Some bought eggs from distant villages, and re-sold them to earn a small profit; some helped neighbours to wash clothes to free them to work outside.

One of the women who made the clothes came to me and sold me the colourful clothes. I immediately said to her: “This dress looks cheap with a messy pattern. I won’t buy it.” But some things are often unexpected if reverse the clothes with the right design, plus a little bit of thought, such as with accessories, it looks mature but fashionable.

The survival and development of social enterprises are also like this story. Every social enterprise is established with its own unique story, a belief in solving social problems, enthusiasm and commitment to society, and a little bit of wisdom and vision can make it independent and self-reliant. In this business environment where competition is fierce and competitive, “SEE Mark” gives a direction, support, and guide to the development of the social enterprise. SEE Mark helps social enterprises to enhance their operational and management capabilities, build a platform for mutual learning, increase transparency to the public and enhance quality, brand and reputation. I hope that we can make life more rich and colourful.

It is hoped that in the future, we will work with the social enterprise, the government, the business sector and the public to enhance the effectiveness of SEE Mark. It will also provide the industry with quality social enterprise services that are close to the pulse of the community and respond to the needs of the public.


Dr. Alice Yuk, BBS, JP
Charter Chairman, Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises