“SEE Mark” is a professional, objective and comprehensive assessment system which is applicable for social enterprises with different sizes and natures.

Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE) commissioned “Project Flame” of the City University of Hong Kong in 2013 to develop the assessment tool for Social Enterprise Endorsement (SEE) Mark. SEE Mark officially launched in 2014, this is the first accreditation system for social enterprises in Hong Kong. An Independent Committee has been set up since 2016 for handling disputes to ensure fairness and equality. In April 2019, a newly independent Endorsement Panel was formed to approve and endorse the assessment recommendation.

The scheme is funded by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation.



To enhance the public recognition in social enterprise’s value and to strengthen the public trust in social enterprises. Ultimately to facilitate social enterprises for better enhancement of an inclusive society



To improve the operational capability and transparency of social enterprises
To raise the awareness of the public about social enterprises
To raise the confidence of the public and investors in social enterprises to encourage “Buy Social”

Definition of Social Enterprise​

There is no universal definition of social enterprise. In general, a social enterprise is a business to achieve specific social objectives such as providing the services (for example support service for the elderly) or products needed by the community, creating employment and training opportunities for the socially disadvantaged, protecting the environment, funding its other social services through the profits earned, etc. Its profits will be principally reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues (E.g. More than 65% of its profit will reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues). In other words, the primary objective of an SE is to achieve its social objectives, rather than maximizing profits for distribution to its shareholders.

Social Enterprise Endorsement Mark Vetting Committee


Ms. KAN Pui Har, Christina

Dr. SZETO Wing Fu, Ricky

Mr. WONG Kit Lung, Simon, BBS, JP


Who is Dr. SEE?

Dr. SEE is the symbol of social enterprise. He is a penguin, wearing glasses with sharp color. His head slightly up, his eyes squinting forward, symbolizing the spirit of social enterprise with hope and courage. Through the accreditation, the operation of social enterprises tends to be more distinctive, transparent and fair!

Penguins gather as a large group and stand tightly with each other to resist cold weather. They are docile, persistence, kind, lovely, compassionate, taking good care of and protect their babies with a warm nest under their stomach from coldness. Their toughness symbolize the spirit of social concern and mutual aid among communities of social enterprise. They stand up humbly yet respectfully even in harsh environment, with this metaphor to social enterprises, it represents persistence and strength.