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Through promoting morals and financial education in Hong Kong, Project M² established by Solomon Learning Group, aims to encourage students from kindergarten to university to develop sound financial habits and values from an early age through understanding of and connection to the real world and attain financial well-being throughout their lives. It also aims to enhance social mobility for low-income families and encourage social integration through access to experimental learning.

Solomon Learning Group is founded by Antony Leung, former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong and Alison Chan, former President of Harvard Business School Association of Hong Kong. It runs an award-winning platform that connects education to real life and work with people, ideas and organizations that improve the way the next generation learn and teach.

Project M² (Project Morals & Money) is established by Solomon Learning, with a focus on promoting financial literacy and instilling proper values in students from kindergarten to university. Up to end of 2023, it works with over 160 partner schools in Hong Kong and several supporting companies to achieve their vision.

Its e-learning platform serves as a key component, offering educational animations and interactive courses in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. The platform covers various topics such as wants and needs, spending and saving, employment and income, and investing. The program adopts a gamified teaching approach, utilizing interactive learning materials to teach morals and financial concepts, enabling students to direct their own learning journeys.


創進級 Intermediate
December 11, 2023
December 10, 2026
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