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FAIR CIRCLE @ Hong Kong Fair Trade Power

FAIR CIRCLE @ Hong Kong Fair Trade Power is a social enterprise established in 2005, with a mission to mobilize fair trade movements.  We mobilize fair trade in a holistic approach through advocacy and education, strengthening capacity of producers and sales of fair trade products.  Through Fair Trade, we strive to implement the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in fighting inequalities and ending all forms of poverty, for a better world.

FAIR CIRCLE @ Hong Kong Fair Trade Power is solely owned by the non-profit “Fair Trade Power”, FAIR CIRCLE is our brand name.  FAIR CIRCLE is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and received Silver Award by the Business Environment Council for Sustainable Product Supplier. The WFTO Guarantee System guarantees that FAIR CIRCLE is in compliance with the global Fair Trade Principles and the WFTO FT Standard.  We operates to the principles of transparency and accountability, through advocacy and education, we build up consumer awareness and power to change; through developing producer capacities, we build up a stable and sustainable trading partnership with them; through sales of fair trade products, we improve the livelihoods for the disadvantaged producers, and promote daily involvement in Fair Trade movement.

  1. Jordan Shop: Shop 28, 1B/F, Prudential Centre, 216-228 Nathan Road, Jordan
  2. Fortress Hill Shop: Shop 216, 2/F, Olympia Plaza, 255 King's Road, North Point
  3. Shatin Shop: Shop 267, 2/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, Shek Mun, Shatin


創進級 Intermediate
November 27, 2014
November 25, 2026
慈善機構營運 NGO-operated
Retail / Sale 零售, Organic / Environmental protection 有機 / 環保
香港公平貿易動力 Hong Kong Fair Trade Power


沙田石門安平街8號偉達中心2310室 Room 2310, Grandtech Centre, 8 On Ping Street, Shatin (Office)

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