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delight kitchen

Established by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association in April 2016, delight kitchen has been accredited with ISO22000 certification that helps assure food safety and quality. We strive to develop high-quality healthy light refreshments such as sandwiches, salad, desserts and pastry in order to create further work and training opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness. We use healthy, organic or natural ingredients to meet growing market demand for top-quality desserts and healthy food.


  • SEE MARK Accredited No.


  • Service Scope

    Catering 飲食

  • SEE MARK Category

    創建級 Start-up

  • Type

    慈善機構營運 NGO-operated

  • Parent Organization

    新生精神康復會 New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

  • Accredited Since

    July 1, 2019

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