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Limitless Coffee was formed in 2022 to provide employment opportunities for the physically or mentally challenged population in Hong Kong. There are limited jobs available for the handicapped and most of the time they can only find positions within sheltered workshops. These arrangements are less than ideal because they reduce the handicapped population's contact with the rest of society, increase their isolation, and may decrease their sense of self-worth.

Limitless Coffee has been partnering with The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Lok Chi Association, and Resource Centre for the Deafblind. Our members include visually and/or hearing impaired, intellectually challenged, as well as some with autistic spectrum disorder.

Limitless Coffee's tailor-made training program enables our members to become Limitless Baristas. We believe the handicapped can overcome their disabilities and become functional members of society. We place great emphasis on workplace safety. Members are trained to roast coffee beans and brew siphon coffee. The taste and olfactory sense of the deaf/blind are heightened. The interactive skills of the autistic members are developed and improved. Our Limitless Baristas pride themselves on having the ability to brew an aromatic cup of coffee despite their disabilities.

So far, we have held coffee-tasting events at the New Territory North Regional Police Headquarters, SFC (Security and Futures Commission) and the LKF Summer Beat Festival. We also run regular mobile coffee shops at the Harbour Fun Restaurant and Lan Kwai Fong Association Staff Headquarters.

Our baristas are paid at the end of each working day, sharing the profit after costs have been deducted. We have not yet applied for charitable institutions tax exemption status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance because we aim to make enough profit for our members and the business will become self-sustainable without relying on donations.

Limitless Coffee is looking for partners who can provide free venues to us so that we can set up more pop-up coffee stalls to create an increasing number of employment opportunities for our members. If you are interested in helping the unfortunate underprivileged, we would be very happy to discuss our proposal with you in person.


December 11, 2023
December 10, 2025
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