Design Studio MZ+MM 無狀無名設計事務所

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    Design Studio MZ+MM 無狀無名設計事務所

    Design Studio MZ+MM provides recognised graphic design services. As a social enterprise promoting inclusion, we are formed by Hong Kong designers including those belonging to the People of Differences (PoDs). Further, we offer an internship programme to SEN students from different organisations. Yet this creates the first cause of inclusion in the creative industry and thus will push intact social inclusion.


    • SEE MARK Accredited No.


    • Service Scope

      Education & Training 教育培訓, Services 服務

    • SEE MARK Category

      創啟級 Incubating

    • Type

      私人資本 Private SE

    • Accredited Since

      May 17, 2021

    • Expiry Date

      May 16, 2023


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