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First Care Medical Limited

Hope to use the health care products to help the elderly in the community, the injured and the needy to improve the quality of life and bring them a better living

The target is to introduce more advanced and effective health care and rehabilitation products from overseas to Hong Kong, so that the needy elderly people can get more and suitable hardware support and improve their living. We will also use technology elements to improve their products. The functions on the product, such as our smart diapers, can reduce the burden on the caregiver. This institution is also a partner with Doctor now Need, and the professional team of Grateful Life occupational therapy to provide comprehensive elderly home services and products, to promote elderly home living.


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    Retail / Sale 零售, Healthcare 健康護理

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    創啟級 Incubating

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    私人資本 Private SE

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    November 1, 2018

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