Hong Kong Character City Movement Limited



Hong Kong Character City Movement Limited

Hong Kong Character City Movement is a non-profit cultural and educational organization. Established in May 2006, its objective is to develop Hong Kong as an international beacon. Through affirmative actions and constructive praises, we aim to build up the internal qualities of its citizens, so that Hong Kong can become a city that embraces character.

We believe that human character has to be nurtured. If we can build an environment in the homes, schools, organizations, business enterprises and communities that upholds character as its mainstream value through praises and modeling, a city of character can be established.

Strong families are the foundation of a powerful nation. Let’s start with the building of character-driven families, laying the foundation that is based on internal values, and moving forward steadily to lead the world.

Our Vision

Purpose to strengthen Hong Kong, building our families and country, so that “the Pearl of the Orient” can become an international model of character cities.

Our Mission

To lead individuals, families and the city to become character-driven through education, alliances and promotional events, and to cultivate a new culture of encouragement, recognition, and praises.

Our Core Values

  • Believing that we have the potentials of developing character: We believe that character potentials are inborn. Through proper encouragement and guidance, each one of us can exhibit healthy character qualities.
  • Believing that it takes proper environment to nurture character: To pass on character and values to the next generation, a consistent environment is needed. We believe “Building character is our utmost responsibility”. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a friend, a colleague, or a manager, you can join us in using character movement to transform families, schools, organizations, business enterprises and communities.
  • Believing that the vocabulary of character qualities is the key to harmonious society: The result of criticism is segregation and strife. Many who criticize do not know how to appreciate others. To do so, they need to know the opposite of criticism, which is discernment, a character quality. Currently in Hong Kong there is a lack of recognition and understanding of each other’s merit, as well as the vocabulary and the way to express appreciation. Through character education, let’s start using positive attitude and affirmative words to build up a new generation.
  • Believing that character must become our common goal: Definition of character qualities helps us recognize that we have a common goal, since this definition will not change like fashions but transcend beyond any physical boundaries. Through civic education, we can bring good values into each community, so that citizens will be able recognize each other’s merit and become the model of character for each other.
  • Believing character praise is the answer to all social problems: Delinquents are the result of scolding. Cursing and scolding will only result in confrontation and rebellion, to the point of irreversible damages in our relationships. We believe character praise can reinforce one’s identity and meaning of life. Positive words are far more powerful than negative words. Through public praises, good moral examples can be established. Turn curses into blessings. Our next generation can surely be more outstanding than the current generation.

Our Community

We believe Hong Kong Character City Movement has already received wide endorsements from the community as a whole. Therefore, schools, organizations, business enterprises, shops, and churches can all be our working partners. We welcome support from different community groups, by means of various methods and expressions. Through negotiation and coordination, we can positively realize the nurturing of character in Hong Kong.

We believe we can work together with different sectors which have the same goal and dream. As close partners, we will work hand-in-hand in building Hong Kong as a City of Character.


創越級 Advanced
April 30, 2024
April 29, 2027
慈善機構營運 NGO-operated


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