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Rolling Books Limited

Through a variety of innovative events and workshops relating to reading, we aim to engage students and community members to enrich knowledge and be resilient to the ever-changing society, by an iconic moving library going into different schools and community. "Our flagship project Rolling Books, containing a book van and an array of creative activities aimed at promoting reading to children of underprivileged families. We aim to bring the joy of reading to children of underprivileged families so that they can enjoy an equal opportunity to enrich their knowledge sustainably through reading and learning. An iconic van loaded with books will travel to village schools and rural communities and host different creative activities to encourage children to enjoy the fun of reading.

Other services for the promotion of Reading Experience:
- Rolling Text
- MackMobile bookshop
- Rolling Reading Station


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    Retail / Sale 零售, Education & Training 教育培訓

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    創啟級 Incubating

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    私人資本 Private SE

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    July 1, 2019

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